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Where to stay in the Cinque Terre?

» Fairs and religious events

» Monterosso

June 24: patron feast (St. Joan the Baptist)
June 15: Corpus Domini with a big flower show
August 15: St. Mary feast at Saviore sanctuary
September 8: "Maria Nascente" feast

» Vernazza

July 20: patron feast (Santa Margherita di Antiochia)
First Sunday of August: feast of Our lady of Reggio at the Sanctuary
Holy Friday: night procession

» Corniglia

June 29: patron feast (St. Peter and St. Paul) with the offering of the traditional "Fieschi cake"
September 8: Our Lady of mercy at St. Bernardino Sanctuary

» Manarola

August 10: patron feast (St. Lawrence). After the night procession it takes place "the blessing of the sea" ceremony, with hundreds of candles floating on the sea surface.
August 5: feast of Our Lady of Salute at Volastra Sanctuary
Holy Friday: night procession

» Riomaggiore

June 24: patron feast (San Giovanni Battista)
June 12: feast of Our Lady of Montenero at the Sanctuary
August 15: feast of the "Confraternita dell'Assunta"

» Other events

» Christmas at Manarola

At Christmas time on "The Crosses Hill", after sunset, you can admire a huge Crib, full of figures as tall as human beings, lightened up with about 15000 lamps. It's the biggest Crib in the world.

» Easter at Manarola

On the "The Crosses Hill", at Easter, you can see another performance: the nights are enlived by figurations representing the most important moments of Christ's Passion and Resurrection.

» Christmas at Vernazza

Into a cave of Vernazza's bay, they fit out a lighted Crib, where a group of scuba divers goes in prayer, like modern shepards.

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