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Motorways network in Liguria

  • From GENOVA:
    Genova / Livorno A12
  • From MILANO via Genova:
    Milano A7 - Genova A12
  • From MILANO Via Parma:
    Milano A1 - Parma A15 - La Spezia
  • From TORINO:
    Torino A21 - Alessandria A26 - Genova A12
    Ventimiglia A10 - Genova A12
  • From ROMA via Firenze:
    Roma A1 - Firenze A11 - Pisa / Genova A12
  • From ROMA via Grosseto:
    Roma SS1 - Livorno / Genova A12

To reach the road that connects Monterosso to Riomaggiore you can use the exits of Carrodano, Brugnato and S. Stefano Magra on the motorway A12 (Genova - Livorno) and the one of S. Stefano Magra on the A15 (Parma - La Spezia).

This road runs most of the time at 400 mt of altitude on the edge on the mountains that ring the Cinque Terre gulf.

The villages are connected by bending traks which go steeply down to the seaside.

Attention: on the road that connects the five villages, from Levanto to La Spezia, THERE ARE NO GASOLINE STATIONS.

Motorways network around La Spezia
Detail of the motorways and road network
  • Motorway A12 Genova - Livorno: exit CARRODANO
    You go down to Levanto from an altitude of about 400 mt. From Levanto you drive up again to "Colle di Gritta" where you'll find the crossroad to Monterosso.
    The junction leading to Vernazza and others places in the Cinque Terre is not long after the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Soviore.
    The road from the motorway exit to Vernazza crossroad is a bending panoramic one, in good state and well signed; running time, about 40 minutes.

  • Motorway A12 Genova - Livorno: exit BRUGNATO
    After you reach Pignone, direct towards the Cinque Terre or Levanto trhough the route S.P.38. Not long after a group of house called Puin you'll find a first divertion to Vernazza, but this way - even if short - is in very bad conditions. You'll better go on a few kilometers towards the second cross-road to Vernazza.

  • Motorways A12 Genova - Livorno and A15 Parma - La Spezia: exit S.STEFANO MAGRA
    You quickly reach La Spezia. Follow the signs on the sea front road and, after passing the Military shipyards, you'll easily get the Cinque Terre coastline, on Riomaggiore side.

State roads
The S.S.1 Aurelia runs behind the mountains around the Cinque Terre gulf. Once you get to the junction to Pignone you'll reach the villages as per the instructions above (motorway A12, exit Brugnato).

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